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Allwalks specialises in podiatry and lower limb assessment.
We provide expertise in assessing the mechanics of the lower limb, especially the foot and ankle.
Our services specalise in the treatment of sports injuries, pain affecting the foot, ankle, knee, hip and even the lower back.
A range of treatments can be offered including ultrasound guided steroid injections, if appropriate.

What can Allwalks Podiatry do for me?

Gait analysis / biomechanical assessment
Tailored exercise programme and advice to treat and/or improve your walking/running
Ultrasound guided steroid injections, if clinically appropriate
Podiatry/Chiropody care

Do you experience pain in your: Foot / Ankle / Knee / Hip / Lower back?

This could be a result of the way you walk.
A musculoskeletal podiatrist can initiate a specific rehabilitation programme designed to help reduce pain. Visit our Podiatry page to find out more

Booking an appointment:

Allwalks operates in North Somerset and Bristol area, and offers a range of services for which you can arrange an appointment.
Initial 60 min gait analysis appointment begin from as little as £85.
Chiropody / Podiatry foot health appointment begin from as little as £29.

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We specialise in podiatry and lower limb assessment
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